Marine O’Brien Race Report

We can file this one under things you probably shouldn’t do.  For the second time this year I am trying to fight off something.  I keep saying I’m not sick, but I’ve definitely got something going on.  Cough, stuffy nose, etc.  You know, the crud.  But really, I’m not sick.

Anyhow, after missing out on the TC Champs a few weeks ago because I was sick and not being able to make it to the Balsam Branch race last weekend, I really didn’t want to miss this one.  So despite feeling less than 100% I convinced myself that racing was a good idea.

It really wasn’t.  The race felt like it went from OK to not so OK, and post race analysis shows that it was my least impressive performance of the last two years.  I fought valiantly through the first lap and then the wheels came off, the transmission blew, and I’m pretty sure I threw a rod on the second lap.  I seriously considered DNF’ing for the majority of the second lap.  In fact, I even pulled over to the side of the trail and flat out stopped for 15 or 20 seconds at one point.  I actually had a cheering section today though with my girlfriend and boys in attendance and didn’t want to let them down (or me really, I didn’t want to DNF deep down).

2/3 of my cheering section

I’ll save you from my usual blow by blow, because really it isn’t that interesting and it is a bit of a blur now.  I will say I did have fast skis again.  My Fischer Carbonlites I bought at CyclovaXC last year have really been great skis.  This time I went with FastWax LF-10 mixed with Toko Cold Powder.  This is the same thing I used at the Badger State Games last year with good success.  Again, it seemed I was outgliding folks on most of the downhills.  No blaming the skis for a substandard result.

Couldn’t even pull together the sprint to pass these guys.  Almost though.

It was so much fun “seeing green” before the race though.  CyclovaXC had a great crew out there.  How can you not have fun no matter how your race goes when you’ve got a whole crew of team mates there?

Next up for me is the North End Classic in two weeks.  Then the Birkie in four.  Yikes.

She did manage to coax a smile out of me at the end.

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