Bikepackers Dinner Micro Adventure – #rideformike

Saturday afternoon it was just me and my #2 with an absolutely beautiful weather day for April 1st.  Having been touched by the tragic death of ultraendurance cyclist Mike Hall and the global outpouring of support and the #rideformike movement I planned a little microadventure for the two of us.

So while #1 picked out a gift for the birthday party he was going to, I dragged #2 back to the camping section of the store to pick out some freeze dried food and plan our little outing.  He thought mac and cheese sounded good while I picked out chicken and rice.  He also spotted the freeze dried ice cream bar and was intrigued by the description of no drips.  How can we NOT try that?

After dropping #1 off we geared up with my GSI Dualist cook kit and MSR Pocket Rocket (actually we had to turn around and go back for that, oops), a couple of hydration packs, and pumped up the tires in our fat bikes.  We headed off to Carlos Avery WMA with its gravel roads.  This time of year the roads are typically closed to traffic while they wait for the frost to come out and dry up.  Even after the roads open the traffic is low mainly being bird watchers slowly rolling along watching for waterfowl.

My plan was to keep it short enough to not be a drag, but long enough to be a little adventure and be some “training” for the Woolly Race he wants to do.  The short loop is about 5 miles and I figured we would stop at the half way point and make dinner.  We had some interesting conversations along the way.  As I was explaining my plans for an overnight riding adventure the following weekend he told me that he hopes he didn’t inherit my craziness.  Thanks kid!

Getting rolling.

As we rolled up to the first spot I had thought would be a good dinner spot he was just starting to complain about his butt hurting so it was good timing.  We setup in the shelter of a dirt embankment and got to work making dinner.

Not exactly a white linen dining establishment.

Turns out I need to learn to measure better as we ended up with soup instead of what should have been, well, not soup.  We still ate up.  The conversation at this point was around how everything you eat outside always tastes better.

“Soups on”

After dinner it was time to check out dessert.  Someone was excited.

Turns out it tastes just like a regular ice cream bar. It doesn’t drip, but it does crumble.

After packing up we hopped back on the bikes and headed for the car.  More conversation about legs hurting and what you can do about that.  Ride your bike more buddy!

Just over 5 miles and less than an hour and a half after we unloaded the car we were back again.  Still smiling and hopefully ready to do it again soon.

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