Who Is BTMski?

Currently a late 30’s endurance junkie.  At various points through out the year you’ll either find me cross country skiing, running, or biking.  As the years go by my distribution of activities changes somewhat, but you’ll always find skiing at the top of the list.

I’m the prototypical “Master Blaster”.  I tried to find a good definition out there but haven’t found one yet.  At the most basic level this is a masters age ski racer.  More typically it is a slightly derogatory term for an older skier who, pick from the following list: thinks they are better than they are, offers you unsolicited ski/wax/training advice, relives the “good old days of skiing”, gets way too hung up on Birkie wave placement, spends more on skis and wax than the local HS team in total, always complains about missing the wax instead of their fitness or training…

I’m pretty hung up on my Birkie wave placement.  5 years in (only got to ski four of them) and I’m still trying to break into the Elite wave.  Yes, me and the other 600 Wave 1 jerks.  While I make no attempt to hide my desire to make the elite wave, I do try to avoid being the a-hole normally associated with a Wave 1 Birkie skier.  Bottom line, I love skiing, and am trying to get better, though maybe not always optimally.

Beyond skiing I’ve always been a runner.  Track and cross country in my younger days while recreationally and trail more recently.  Biking is a newish thing for me.  See the origin story for that.

Origin Story

Every good super hero needs an origin story.  Well, I’m not a super hero, but bloggers need one too I guess.

And eventually I’ll write it…


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